The New Year's Resolution of Blogging

Blogging is like starting the new year with resolutions. You think you'll do it, you spend ages planning how it will look and how often, what you'll do first and how long for.... And, a week later, you've written nothing and question why you thought you would.

So, July 29th is officially now the start of actual real posts. Fingers crossed they'll be more regular than a quarterly edition but better late than never (and for those who think never is better, you might be right!).

Term 3 of my time at The Chippendale School of Furniture (based near the Lammermuir Hills pictured) is close to beginning again after the fairly lengthy break due to COVID-19. It's hard not to mention the global pandemic! Expect special mentions of the 'new normal' and 'unprecedented times' because it seems to be a rule of writing now! I'm expecting it to be

extremely busy and one of those moments where you only appreciate it after you've finished. Terms 1 and 2 have been about building the skills. There's a little too much to describe here (maybe another time) but I've spent most of the previous 20 weeks learning completely new skills from designing furniture digitally and with sketches, through to the physical processes used to make the joints and finishes. It's been slow going and my first piece was possibly a little ambitious as a first project (it's not quite finished), but I'm hoping the next term will result in 3 finished projects to show at the exhibition.

Where to go from there? Now that is the million-dollar question. I would have used pounds but I'm worried a million pounds might be worthless by the end of 2020! The dream would be to start working solo in a Harrogate workshop creating new designs. That might happen, it might not.

Given the 3 month delay in the course and not being on furlough or an established business (did register in May of this year which I'm proud to have done), it's looking like the sensible option is to find work for a while and see what happens in November! Unprecedented times, yes, but exciting times...

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